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About Sarah Hikel

August 12, 2008

Sarah Hikel sets herself apart from other successful corporate executives with a commitment and passion for ethical and fair business leadership that goes far beyond the industry standards. Hikel earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 1996 from National University, graduating Suma Cum Laude. The year Hikel earned her degree she joined Bank One Financial Services as Vice President of Business Control. Bank One’s consumer lending and wholesale acquisition specialization worked well for Hikel, who worked directly with the CEO of the Financial Services Division while collaborating with numerous Presidents and CFO’s from the company’s subsidiaries. Hikel helped lead the financial department and laid out budget plans that helped the company run more efficiently. In 1998, Sarah Hikel left Bank One to work at DMR Financial Services. Serving as Senior Vice President of Operations, Hikel pioneered new process flows and operating software usage at the mortgage lending firm, helping the company achieve newfound industry success. In October 2000 Sarah Hikel left DMR, and wasting no time joined the Washington based Mortgage Investment Lending Associates aka. MILA, Inc. only a month later. In her new e-commerce mortgage investment lending company, Hikel was tasked with the title Chief Operations Officer, and immediately set about innovating corporate procedures. Hikel helped raise the company’s operating budget from $10 million to $100 million in only five years. Reporting directly to the founder and CEO, Hikel used her years of experience and operating insight to help the company grow exponential in each year of service. Hikel created and led the Business Control Process, designing automated monitoring systems for operation procedures, while helping the company increase its staff and production without reducing quality or employee satisfaction. Those who worked alongside Hikel marveled at her commitment to the company and ability to create a corporate culture that was open and safe, but still maintained high standards of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Sarah Hikel holds an important skill set that many executives fail to flex; the ability to not only think strategically, but implement the resources necessary to bring this strategic vision to life.